The Earth Friendly Magic of Wool Dryer Balls


Did you know that many commercial dryer sheets contain hidden chemicals and fragrances? Even those which are labeled "green" often contain unnecessary softeners and substances that many people have major sensitivities to. Not to mention the fact that they are a single use product, which isn't good for anyone. Yuck. So how do we keep our clothes soft and static-free while ditching the unnecessary chemicals and waste of traditional dryer sheets? Enter Wool Dryer Balls. 

You guys! These are our new favorite thing! They are made from 100% organic wool and can be reused for thousands and thousands of loads. No harmful chemicals. No softeners. No waste. And they actually reduce drying time, eliminate static and keep clothes soft and cozy. Win-win-win. 

We're so excited to announce we will be releasing a new set of these handmade lovelies with our special KELIGREEN Fresh, an all natural tincture of chemical free goodness. Just place a few drops on the dryer ball, toss it in the dryer and you are good to go. And it smells seriously amazing. 

It's always so exciting to find a simple and eco friendly alternative that actually works. It's what we're all about. Here's to keeping it fresh and green in 2018!