The road to revolution is paved in soap

This Autumn, KELIGREEN Laundry Soap launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring refill stations and a home and business delivery service to Missoula and beyond in an effort to reduce plastic pollution. The Kickstarter campaign was funded by the deadline! Thank you for all of your support in our goal to make clean & healthy laundry products accessible in our communities.


Demand for KELIGREEN has grown, and we are thrilled. But the traditional, plastic-heavy, supply chain options just don't fit the KELIGREEN way. We want to continue to bring you pure product, at a pure price, through methods of distribution that honor our mission and the soul of our community. The Kickstarter will help fund our efforts to:

  • provide commercial retailers in the Northwest with bulk bins so customers can fill up
    without having to buy another container

  • fund easy-to-use software and a mobile fill station for on-demand (or subscription)
    Missoula-area home and business delivery

  • establish drop-off points for product refills outside a 20-mile radius of the city